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What is Invoices for Sage?

An iPad application which allows mobile sales team to create invoices and import into Sage with just ONE click!

Who can use Invoices for Sage?

  • Mobile sales team
  • Attendees at exhibitions and shows
  • Van Sales
  • Customers issued the application as a Marketing Product Catalogue

Benefits of using Invoices for Sage

  • Excellent dashboard showing
    • Invoices: all, paid, unpaid, outstanding...
    • Monthly Sales Total
    • Top 5 Customers
    • Top 5 Products
  • Customer and product lists
    • Various search facilities
    • Sage customised fields
  • Quick Invoice Entry
    • Print or email PDF to customers
    • Easy to duplicate existing invoices
  • Export to Sage for ONE click import using E2S
    • Can export Customers, Product and Product Invoices to sync iPad with Sage.
  • Quick to set-up and use
    • Typically less than 15 minutes!
  • Can be customised as it's based on FileMaker
    • Can make it fit your requirements
      • Eg. Reports, screen layouts, drop-down lists...

Top reasons to Invoices for Sage

  • Create more invoices, more quickly
  • Beautiful, fully customisable rich user interface
  • Improve accuracy, save time and money by importing into Sage